Independent school for 3-14 years based in the heart of the Thames Valley. 
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Each child is unique, all learn in different ways, Alder Bridge Steiner-Waldorf School puts in practice a pedagogy that at the centre is the child, where their individual needs are at the heart of what we do. Experience has shown us that learning takes place when we speak to the child’s imagination when we fully engage their senses and inspire a curiosity to want to learn more about the world, allowing children to understand life by remaining in relation to it.


Our school is committed to building human relationships, helping individuals flourish, supporting physical, emotional and psychological well-being; to promote independent thinking, social responsibility, academic and artistic excellence. 


Our rich tapestry of multisensory and experiential learning takes place within the classroom, extensive grounds, including 9 acres of woodland, and our woodland classroom offering a wide scope for environmental awareness, nature-based learning where pupils develop an eclectic range of expertise.



“My children look forward to going to school every day, feeling excited to learn together with their friends. The unhurried approach allows them to truly understand and absorb each topic from many angles before moving onto something else.


Working as a Technologist, I deal with a constant churn of new technologies, but the skill that remains most important even in this industry is problem-solving. At Alder Bridge, the children have the unique opportunity to understand how they learn personally, so they can then build their confidence and intelligence by solving problems in a gentle and friendly environment.


The children love spending time outside every day, rain or shine, and use a lot of this time developing their emotional intelligence. I’m really enjoying watching them grow into kind, loving and intelligent individuals.”


 Tobias Lilley 

Senior Technologist,


—  Bimal Dharsi, Northern European Marketing Manager, Ansys

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The advent of the Waldorf Schools was in my opinion the greatest contribution to world peace and understanding of the century.

Willy Brandt

Former Chancellor of West Germany. Former Waldorf parent, 1971 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


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