Inspiring a love of learning

Alder Bridge School offers a dynamic education that promotes independent thinking and self motivation, as well as

academic and artistic excellence.


We offer a choice for families looking for an alternative style of education, that places the child at its very heart.

Our teachers enable children to flourish, recognising and respecting the individual, while ensuring the learning process is always as important as the result.

"Teaching throughout the school is characterised by friendly and supportive relationships between adults and pupils."

- Ofsted

At all ages, children at Alder Bridge are encouraged to be curious and given space to explore new ideas.

By engaging head, heart and hands, pupils develop a deep understanding of their subjects.

This results in a positive learning experience which leads to a greater sense of self-esteem.

"Since being at Alder Bridge my children have grown into confident, resourceful and capable individuals"

- Beth Steedman (Parent)


Please watch this video to learn more:

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Set in the heart of West Berkshire, Alder Bridge has expansive grounds, including 9 acres of native woodland. Children are encouraged to broaden their understanding and appreciation of nature, through a range of seasonal activities and nature-based learning.

We are committed to practising sustainability and fostering a sense of environmental responsibilty.

We are currently raising funds to improve facilities and create an ongoing Bursary.

To find out more, or to donate - please visit our Go Fund Me page:


“My children look forward to going to school every day, feeling excited to learn together with their friends. The unhurried approach allows them to truly understand and absorb each topic from many angles before moving onto something else.


Working as a Technologist, I deal with a constant churn of new technologies, but the skill that remains most important even in this industry is problem-solving. At Alder Bridge, the children have the unique opportunity to understand how they learn personally, so they can then build their confidence and intelligence by solving problems in a gentle and friendly environment.


The children love spending time outside every day, rain or shine, and use a lot of this time developing their emotional intelligence. I’m really enjoying watching them grow into kind, loving and intelligent individuals.”


 Tobias Lilley 

Senior Technologist,


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