Classes 1 to 8

At Alder Bridge our pupils are deeply engaged in learning as their curiosity, wonder, and admiration are aroused by their teachers

Class teachers dedicated to your child for their journey

Class 1-8 is a learning journey that is filled with beauty, wonder and understanding, experienced together with the Class Teacher who accompanies them throughout these years.

Teachers provide strong pastoral support where pupils are guided in these 8 years in a safe, caring, active learning environment crafted by their teacher. A majority of the work that is presented to the child has been created by the teacher. This is why Steiner-Waldorf pedagogy is known as the ‘Art of Education’, this work is created by the teachers and pupils with dedication and with much attention to detail and beauty. Experience shows us that when our pupils are involved in their work when they are happy, this motivates them to want to learn and to perform to their true potential.

Learning through adventure

Children begin formal learning during the year that they turn 7 and, because they are developmentally ready, they learn naturally and rapidly. Young children learn best when the teaching appeals to their feelings and artistic sense, therefore each subject is presented in a way that engages their imagination. It is in the fertile soil of the imagination that the seeds of intellectual thought take root.
The three R’s rhythm, repetition, and reverence are emphasised to reinforce learning.
Times tables are learned through skipping and clapping, letters and numbers through stories and pictures, all are experienced thoroughly within the whole body.
The Main Lesson takes place during the first two hours of the morning, where the Class Teacher introduces the core subjects of English, Maths, Geography, History, and Science. Individually subjects are thoroughly explored in three or four weeks blocks allowing the children to engage deeply with the subject. Subject lessons are brought by specialist teachers - French, German, Music, Games, Eurythmy, and Handwork. Recitation, singing, rhythmical movement, creative writing, form drawing, drama, gardening, outdoor activities 
and class trips are an integral part of the school’s curriculum.

Children immersed in a beautiful environment

Festivals continue to be an essential part of the school year. From the peace of the lantern walk at Winter's threshold, to the personal threshold of St John's Fire at Midsummer, children are involved in a process of reflection that builds a healthy spiritual and moral inner life. Our End of Term Festival is a glorious celebration of all the work the children do, and a chance to share their experience with the whole school community.

The Alder Bridge School Day

The school day runs from 8.50am - 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. Class 1 children begin with mornings, but they are invited to take part in optional afternoon sessions including a range of
activities which will enrich their school experience. Mandatory afternoons are added gradually over the next two years, with children from Class 4 onwards attending school full time.
There is no extra cost for afternoon sessions.