Pupils develop a broad range of skills, while developing a strong sense of self and a genuine interest in the world.

The following is a brief overview of the main themes within the curriculum for each year group. In addition to the Main Lesson, in which all core subjects are taught by the Class Teacher, all children learn French, German, fine and practical arts, handwork, Eurythmy, games, and music from Class 1 and throughout the school. All lessons are enriched by an abundance of music, painting, weaving, drama, visual art, movement, and storytelling, making the process of learning an experience that will remain and grow with the child.

All subjects are brought to the children in the form of imagination. Concepts are not simply delivered to pupils but are allowed to mature and develop over time.


You can view and download the School's Educational Policies  here.


Class One

The alphabet, spelling, writing, reading, fairy tales, nature stories, numbers, the four maths processes, multiplication tables, form drawing, skipping, pentatonic recorder, knitting.


Class Two

Fables, legends, folk tales, writing sentences, spelling, reading, number place value, mental arithmetic, chasing and catching games, diatonic recorder, crochet.


Class Three

Creation stories, Old Testament stories, riddles, measurement, time and money, building, farming, circus skills, orchestra (continues through to Class 8), crocheting a recorder case.


Class Four

Norse mythology, local geography, traditional crafts, grammar and punctuation, long division and long multiplication, fractions, the human and animals, cross stitch.


Class Five

Ancient history (India, Persia, Egypt, Greece), Egyptian and Greek mythology, Buddhism, Hinduism, decimals, freehand geometry, botany, geography of Britain, athletics.


Class Six

Ancient Rome, Christianity, Islam, the Middle Ages, geography of Europe, geology, percentages, mathematical formulas, exact geometry, knitting socks or gloves, team sports skills.


Class Seven

Age of Discovery, the Renaissance, geography of Africa and America, essay writing, creative writing, Shakespeare, biographies, business maths, Pythagoras, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, machine sewing.


Class Eight

World history to present day, geography of Asia and Australia, algebra, physics, chemistry, biology, sewing a garment to wear, gymnastics, major personal project and presentation, class theatrical production.