Organisational Structure


The structure of our school is inspired by the three-fold organisational structure and functions to reflect the ethos of our school, following the same principles that are embedded in our curriculum and pedagogy. Even though we have a School Leader, the character of this role is that of working in a coordinating gesture to ensure that the three areas of the school work cohesively as a coherent whole. This is only possible when we willingly work together. Our School Leader is active and proficient in all three areas and committed to promoting innovation as a policy and an attitude of mind.

The complex system of the school is divided into 3 separate and independent areas that work as an integrated whole. Each individual fulfils their own specialist task within an area that performs a unique function. Individual talents, skills, and creativity work together to benefit all involved.


Our pedagogical team is the spirit of our school, that put into practice child-centred progressive education based on a deep understanding of the child in their three-fold being and the stages of child development. Our pedagogy is guided by the principle of educating towards freedom and is designed and implemented in such a way to allow our pupils to fully develop their faculties of will, feeling, and thinking.

The legal sphere of the school is operative in all areas of administration and legal duties; ensures that the school is compliant and meets the Independent School Standards. This area is a cohesive working partnership of the Trustees, School Leader, Education Manager, Safeguarding Team, Health and Safety Officer, HR Advisor and our Administrative Team.

The economic area of Resource Development and external relations are where new initiatives are born, developed, and put into practice with the alliance of parents and the wider community of friends and volunteers. Activities include fundraising projects and promoting cultural, artistic, and ecology-based enterprises to raise awareness to promote the character of the education that the school offers.

This new style of management has a horizontal communication and organisational structure and which has no hierarchical layer of management, based on teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration amongst colleagues, meeting to deepen and renew their work in education.

As the world changes, so must the activities within the school to enable us to be at service of education and to continually respond to evolving environments.