Our Team

Ann Morgan


Edwin Helder
Class 3-4 Teacher


Lucia Baumann
Class 1-2 Teacher


John Burnett
Class 5-6 Teacher

Martin Back
Class 7-8 Teacher


Carole Silvestre
French & Piano Teacher

Gillian Taylor
German Teacher


Carla Worts
Handwork Teacher

Judith Stewart


Lucia Dimarco
School Leader


Our Trustees

Our trained, talented, and committed team of Kindergarten Teacher and Assistants, Class, Subject Teachers, SENCo, and Teaching Assistants trained in intervention, work cohesively to address the needs of the whole child. All teachers work to create a warm and inspiring environment to allow pupils to develop in an atmosphere of safety, trust, and respect.

Class Teachers and Kindergarten Teachers have termly Pupil Progress Meetings with the School Leader and SENCo to continually assess and review how all pupils are progressing academically from which a Support plan is put in place and planning is informed.
Our teachers are talented in the arts of storytelling, music, singing, healthy (holistic) movement fine and practical arts and crafts. The enthusiasm and depth in their teaching of all subjects appeals to the child’s imagination and is the key ingredient in their learning. Teachers are committed to self-development and continual professional development, grounded in artistic practice and differentiated teaching, catering to diverse learning styles and enabling them to respond to the individual needs of each child.
The ideal is that teachers remain with the class for 8 years, allowing for a relationship to mature and deepen over time allowing teachers to identify with their pupils’ needs, goals, and potential for learning.
At Alder Bridge, we see teaching as mastery and mastery is a practice. Quality teaching at Alder Bridge means creating the right environment for the child to flourish and develop a love for learning that can last a lifetime.



The Alder Bridge School Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for overseeing the affairs of the School and appointed a new School Leader in January 2021 to be held to account for the effective and efficient running of the school. Meetings with the School Leader and Trustees are held and documented half-termly, where the School Leader reports to the Board.  The report includes:

attendance figures; admissions; successes and challenges; school improvement priorities; safeguarding; behavioural issues; health and safety; SEN; school performance and standards;

It is the Board’s duty to ensure that the school: complies with the school’s governing document and the law; carries out its purposes for the public benefit and manages its resources appropriately.

In order to do this, the Board of Trustees are required to: ensure that adequate policies and objectives are in place; support and review the performance of the School Management Team;
approve annual budgets and ensure availability of adequate financial resources; approve the strategic direction of the school; act in the best interests of the school; ensure that the school meets the Independent School Standards.

Board of Trustees:

Paul Jenkins (Chair); John Iveson; Bimal Dharsi;

4 new members of the Board of Trustees are currently being recruited.