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How do I apply?

The first step is to come and see us - book a weekday tour or visit one of our Saturday Open Days. These experiences are different and complementary, offering the chance to see lessons in progress, view children's work, and chat with the teachers and current parents.

To apply for a place please complete and return an application form along with the £50 registration fee. On receipt of these we will contact you to arrange a visit to the kindergarten or school for your child, and an interview with yourself.

  • For kindergarten children there are usually two visits - a short garden visit and a whole morning visit. You may accompany your child or let them visit on their own, it is up to you.

  • School children will be required to visit with their prospective Class for 3 days, during which time the Class Teacher and SENCO will see your child both within the class and individually.

Following the visits and interview, and assuming we have a place for your child, we will contact you with a formal offer together with an acceptance form for you to complete and return. An acceptance deposit of £100 per family is payable at this point, which will be refunded when your last child leaves (less any outstanding fees or charges).

We accept applications throughout the year and children can join at any point during a term.

Come & visit us

Contact our office to arrange a visit to our school